1. Why should I invest in A Billion Leaders ?

If you want to get absolutely the world's best learning in the areas mentioned from a man who has inspired millions, coached celebrities and CEOs, trained the Army, the Police, the IAS and politicians and by whom India's success icons themselves swear; A Billion Leaders is where you must invest. The programs are life changing and in Arindam's own words, he will make you feel that you get more value in these 12 hours than your entire School and College Life. More than a million people have personally attended Arindam's public lectures since 1997 and more than 50k people have been personally trained by him, in classrooms.

A Billion Leaders will be a life changing experience for you without doubt!

It is a one-of-its-kind-in-the-world; most advanced and integrated offering that takes care of every possible aspect of a dynamic human life. The words of wisdom from one of India’s best educator and academician do not only make you more able by polishing and sharpening your skill sets also empower you to make this world a better place to live and work. And most importantly, whether you are in school, college, university or you are a working professional, job-seeker, homemaker, entrepreneur, business leader or a retired, senior citizen: the very content is designed in a such a manner, that it’s going to have a life-changing impact on each and everyone.

2. How many programs are you offering?

We are currently offering 4 programs.

3. What are the names of the programs offered?





For details of each program please refer to the website.

4. How are the programs being conducted?

Each program consists of 5 LIVE online video sessions of 36 minutes each. So in total, it is 20 online video sessions of 36 minutes each.

5. Are the programs accessible from mobile phones ?

Yes. The programs are delivered through a mobile based app.

6. Who to contact if I want to bulk enroll any school / organization?

Please write to ceo@abillionleaders.com

7. How will be the tests conducted?

These are open video tests. You will be given just a few multiple choice questions and you will have to answer them.

8. What will be the format of the tests?

The tests will be open book, open video, multiple choice questions.

9. Are the sessions available in any other language other than English?

Currently the sessions are only available in English. Arindam does use hindi for added effectiveness.

10. Can I record the sessions?

The app doesn't allow screen recording and every video that you watch with have a watermark with your email id on it. So in case you record with any other device, it will be tracked down and will be punishable.

You can watch the sessions as many times during the duration of the program but you cannot record it. All content included on this "A Billion Leaders App” including text, graphics, images, video clips and audio clips, is the exclusive property of Arindam Chaudhuri ) or our associates, and protected by Indian and international copyright laws. You should never copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, transmit, or in any other way exploit any part of the material without written permission from Arindam Chaudhuri

11. Can I review / repeat any of the past sessions if I wish?

No these are Live Online sessions. You can again enroll for the program ten weeks later when Arindam repeats the same.

12. Can I get one on one coaching from Dr. Chaudhuri?

Yes. For students who want that he personally offers one opportunity of 45 min one on one online communication skills and personality development training. Each individual session of 45 min would cost you 50k. These are very structured sessions. You are given an online presentation topic in advance which you need send to him before hand. He goes through it and during the 45 min, gives you direct training on how to improve yourself. You will most certainly not need any extra class post that, given that your would have already done the Discover the Superhero in You program.